The One with the SATs

On November 7th Jared took the SATs. He took them last year, and got 1470 on them. He wasn’t happy with those results and decided to take them again.

He got the results today. This time he got 1570 (math = 600, reading = 550, writing = 420). According to Google, it’s a little above average… But according to some paper that they have him, he would be in the top 25% at U of O… It said that the top 25% had at least a 1230.

The whole thing confuses me. I know he gets excellent grades and his counselor at school says that he should have no trouble getting into U of O, which is where he thinks he really wants to go.

I know he’s already applied there, and yesterday he applied at PSU.

I know that I am so proud of him! Neither Joe or I went to college, and I am thrilled to see how excited he is to go… He is such a hardworking kid… And that’s not an exaggeration. Seriously! He is taking hard, college level classes (and getting good grades) and he works two jobs, getting 30+ hours a week. Plus he manages to get his chores done and have a social life on top of it.

I just wish he got more sleep.*lol*

On a side note, I had no idea that it cost so much to apply for college! I don’t know how much it cost him to apply at U of O, but he paid $52 to apply at PSU. Crazy!

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The One Where Mike is Back

This evening, Amanda and her friend, Maddy, were about to walk down to Maddy’s house. They opened the door and in walks Mike, like nothing had happened at all. He just walked over to he food bowl and started eating.

The girls freaked out and ran to get me. We are all so happy that he is back and okay. We had been convinced that he was dead… I have never been happier to be proven wrong!

We have no clue where he was for the last 4 days. The girls even talked to the real owners, and they hadn’t seen him either… Who knows? We’re just glad he’s home… To his second home. *lol*

Since I have today and tomorrow off work, we decided that it would be the perfect time to decorate for Christmas. Joe brought up the decorations over the weekend, and Josh and Amanda put the tree together.

With a little help from Josh and Amanda, I got the tree decorated today… Since the boxes have been under the house, there are some stink bugs inside the boxes. *shudders* … It’s been Josh’s job to get them for me, when I find them… But since there is school tomorrow, he went to bed before I was finished with the other decorations. Since the next box had a bug in it, I will have to wait until tomorrow to finish with the non-tree decorations.

Today, Jared brought a package home from school, from Jostens. It’s time to start thinking about senior things… Like his cap and gown, graduation announcements, etc. We have to have the order ready by the 29th and put down a $70 deposit. Just need to go over things with Jared, to see what he wants… Like, if he wants a shirt or key chain or something.

I am not ready for this…

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The One with the High School Tournament

Today was the first High School Swiss Tournament for the 2015-2016 season. This will be Jared’s last season, as he is a senior this year… And this year, Josh has decided to join, so we have both the boys bowling.

Since they have enough kids, they have two teams. Jared is on the A team and Josh is the anchor for the B team… But when it comes to the district tournament (and state, if they make it), there will just be one team, with the boys taking turns.

Anyway, since I was working, Joe sent me some stats… Though I think he missed two of the matches. I think they bowl 12 matches and he only sent me stats for 10.

Anyway, according to what Joe sent me, Jared’s team won 7 matches and lost 3 and came in 2nd place. Josh’s team also won 7 and lost 3, but they came in 5th place… Which also tells me that he missed some matches. *lol* 

I will have to see if the boys know the real stats. ;)

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The One with the Old Friend

We went to Walmart earlier. We were kid free this time, because I wanted to get some stocking stuffers. While I was over near cosmetics, I saw a lady that I felt like I should know. She looked familiar, but I couldn’t place who it was. We made eye contact, but then went on our way.

Later, I was in the grocery section, and there she was again, this time with her hubby.. That’s when I knew who it was. It was Janet Combs and her hubby, Jeff. I used to work with Janet at Payless and haven’t seen her in around 18 years! … We tend to see Jeff more often, because he is the coach for the Milwaukee high school bowling team, so we see him at high school tournaments.

It was awesome seeing her again. I always liked Janet. :)

Joe was disappointed that he didn’t get to see her as well. Maybe we will run into them again. :)

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The One Where Mike is Missing

The next door neighbors have two middle school aged kids, Hunter and Gracie. According to Alicia, Hunter has, in the past, said that he hates cats and hopes they all get killed. :(

Yesterday, not long after the kids got home from school, Josh happened to see Hunter taking Mike into their house, holding him at arms length. (You can see their door easily from our kitchen window.)

When the girls heard, they went over there to ask about Mike. Hunter told rhem he fed Mike and put him out the back door… This coming from a kid who says he hates cats… The girls looked for Mike but couldn’t find him.

Later, when they went out to look again, Hunter told them that he thinks that a “dog got him” and that he saw something wrong with the cat’s neck… Still no sign of Mike… Later still, he told the kids that he thinks Mike is under their porch, but wouldn’t let the kids look.

We didnt see him all night, and he’s been sleeping on our bed every night for the last 2 weeks. He wasn’t anywhere this morning, either.

I have a bad feeling that Mike is dead and that Hunter had something to do with it.

I feel sick about it and pray that I am wrong. :(

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The One with the Meeting

Tonight we had our second meeting at the middle school, for the Washington DC trip. It was at 6:00 in the cafeteria.

Looks like it’s going to be a good sized group of kids going on this trip (and Alicia was the first kid signed up!). Sounds like there will be 57 people going, 8 of them adult chaperones. (Sure wish I could go. It sounds like an amazing trip.)

Mr. Leighton went over the payment thing with World Strides, and he also went over what we should be packing and about the flight. He then talked about the itinerary.

It really does sound like it’s going to be an amazing trip. I doubt I will remember everything he said that they will be visiting, but here is what I remember:

  • The Arlington National Cemetery 
  • The grave of the unknown soldier 
  • The 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon 
  • The Liberty bell & Independence Hall
  • The Smithsonian 
  • The 9/11 memorial in New York
  • Central Park
  • Times Square
  • A Broadway play
  • Ford’s Theater

I am sure that there was a couple other things in DC, but I can’t remember everything.

I told Alicia that she needs to journal every night of the trip, so that she would remember everything. I told her that she will regret it if she doesn’t… Of course, I told that to Jared about Costa Rica, and he only wrote about the first 3-4 days. :/

We only have two more payments left on Alicia’s trip. Once we have it paid off, I am going to start saving for when Amanda gets to go in 8th grade. Maybe, if I can save enough, I will be able to go with her. :)

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The One with Squirt’s Tank

Yesterday, Josh, Alicia, and I cleaned the turtle’s tank. It was getting pretty bad, with algae build-up… Not to mention that the ammonia levels were getting high.

One thing that I wanted to change was the subtrate. We had been using small river rocks, but things like old food and poop falls under the rocks, making it harder to keep clean. I decided that I would rather use sand… I though sand would be expensive, but it’s only around $5 for a 50 pound bag! We put 2 bags in, and it does look awesome! … Though it’s taking a while for the dust off the sand to settle. I read that it can take 3 to 5 days. Last night the water was so cloudy that you could only see Squirt when he was right next to the glass. *lol*

Also, since winter is about here, his water was getting too cold. He had been spending most of his time basking under his heat lamp, instead of swimming. So I finally bought a tank heater. He seems to be liking that, and is back to spending more time in the water.

He seems to like diggings in the sand too, which is fun to watch. :)

Now that we’ve taken care of that, I want to get an air thing, so we can add some algae eating fish to the tank, to help keep the tank clean. Plecostomus fish get big enough that they are less likely to become turtle chow. I want to get two of them, so I can name them “Flotsam and Jetsam”. :) *lol*

One thing that sucks, is that the filter seems to be leaking. We have to keep it in a tub, and empty the tub every day. Over night, the water level in he tank dropped like 2+ inches, and I had to add more water. Hopefully Josh and Joe will be able to get that fixed, so I don’t have to buy a new one.

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The One on Veteran’s Day

How To Thank A Soldier: Told In Photos By George W. Bush

Continue reading

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The One Where Josh Turns 16

Quote of the Day:

“I’m 16 now. I can date, I can drive, and I can get a job. My life has officially started.”

That kid! *rofl*

But… When it comes right down to it, he is not wrong, even if he was joking around. Josh is starting the next chapter of his life. One that will be filled with adult responsibilities… And this mom needs to start cutting the apron strings…

I can’t believe that my baby boy is 16 years old!!!

Josh is a great kid. He sure keeps things interesting, with his goofy tendencies. He loves to make people laugh, and will do no end of odd things to make it happen… I’ve even stumbled across a picture of Josh wearing one of his sister’s bras… He looked silly, and I am not sure what that was about (though I think DubSmash had something to do with it *lol*).

Josh is a hard worker, and when he sets his mind on something, he stubbornly persists until he has accomplished his goal… From conquering the Rubik’s Cube, to mastering Spanish. He works and works until he had mastered his goal.

His latest obsession is fitness and weight loss. He is getting really into strength training and wanted heavier weights than my little hand weights. We got him some adjustable dumbells for his birthday, and want to get him barbells sometime after Christmas… Right now he has attached a bunch of my hand weights on to each end of my deck brush handle to make a barbell. It’s hilarious! *lol*

Unlike the other kids, he doesn’t have any close friends that he hangs out with outside of school. He seems content to spend time with his cousins. It would do my heart good to see him make some good friendships… Maybe getting out in the work force will give him more opportunities for that.

Even though he is now officially allowed to date, I don’t know that he is interested. I’ve tried asking him if there is anyone who sparks his fancy, but he just avoids the issue. He tends to me more private. I don’t think he wants me blogging about things like that, even though I told him that I would respect his privacy and only write occasional things down in password protected posts.

One thing that Josh is really enjoying is his ceramics class at school… I laid claim to all the projects he made last year, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with this year. He is working on a TARDIS for Alicia, that should be amazing. He’s left the windows open, so that she can put tea light candles in it. I can’t wait to see it!
He has extra clay left over from his Freshman year, so I bought him a set of clay tool things. So now he can work on some projects at home. Then his teacher lets him bring them to school to be fired. I think he is working on a snowman for me, for a Christmas decoration. :) Awesome!

We went to Red Robin, for his birthday dinner. Sadly, Jared had to work and couldn’t make it. :( I hated that we all couldn’t be there… But here’s hoping Josh had a good birthday!!!

I love you so much, Joshy-Pooh! Happy birthday!

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The One with Mike

Down the street from us is some people who have quite a few cats (according to the kids). I guess they leave food and beds out for the cats, but rarely let them inside. 

Anyway, they have an orange and white tabby. The kids say that they’ve had him for years… But in the last month or two, he’s ventured up the road to our house, which he has never done before… And the girls and I made the mistake of giving him some attention… Because we can’t resist a friendly cat. *lol*

Well, “Mike” is so starved for attention, that he is trying his hardest to adopt us. Whenever we go outside, he is there, wrapping himself around our legs. He had also started dashing in the door, whenever we open it. He goes straight for the cat food, and since we can’t take food away from a hungry cat, we let him eat. Then we give him some lovings before he heads back out again.

While we can’t keep him… Seeing as he had owners… We are letting him consider our house his second home… Not that he’s giving us much of a choice. *lol* … You should see him happily snuggling with Jared, or on our bed, all night long, purring contentedly.

Yes. I think he has decided that we belong to him.

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