The One With the Truth


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The One on Mother’s Day

If anyone is a long time reader, you will know that I have never had a Mother’s Day that was really about me. With Joe, it’s always been more about his mom, and it probably always will be. What has always made me sad, is that he never got the kids worked up. Oh, they tried a couple times. Last year Amanda wrote out a card, and Jared bought me flowers… But that is pretty much the extent of effort put into it. Joe sometimes will buy me discount flowers and then think he’s husband of the year.

This year was no different. Without asking me what I wanted, Joe made plans to go to the Mother’s Day breakfast at the Beavercreek grange, with his parents, expecting all of us to be excited to go… This is something that is expected every Mother’s Day… But I never really want to go… I work late. It’s usually after midnight before I am home. It’s usually after 2:00 in the morning, before I even go to bed… Which means that it’s after 9:00 in the morning before I even think about crawling out of bed.

So I didn’t want to go to the breakfast… And Joe was even talking about hitting Walmart, after the breakfast and before I have to start work. So yesterday, I mentioned that Mother’s Day was going to suck. Then I sighed and said that Mother’s Day was always more about his mom than me. Joe’s like, “Well, you’re not my mother.” … And Josh laughed…

And I saw red. Years of Mother’s Day resentment just poured out. We had a huge argument, with me saying that I wished that just once he would put me in front of his family. He went on to say that no one could live up to my expectations. (Apparently, being put first by your husband is too high of an expectation.)

For the last couple weeks, I had been telling Joe that we needed to go to BiMart, because I need a new DVD rack for my Doctor Who DVDs. Apparently, he had picked one up for Mother’s Day. So he goes out to the car, shoves the box at me and rudely says, “Happy Mother’s Day.”

He then said that I didn’t have to go to the breakfast (I hadn’t intended to), but that he was going. I asked if he planned on taking the kids, and he was all like, “If they want to.” … So he has no trouble taking MY kids away from ME on Mother’s Day?! I asked him that and then turned and walked away.

This morning, only Josh went with him. I was hurt that Josh would leave. He said, “I just want the food.” … Jared had to work and the girls chose to stay with me, and Alicia made me breakfast.

When Joe got home, in annoyance, he threw a $20 on my desk. He said he had pulled out too much cash for the breakfast, because he thought more people would come.

He’s pissed because my girls chose to spend Mother’s Day with their mom.

He has also not wished me a happy Mother’s Day. He’s just going on like it’s any other day.

Bet you anything that he’s going to want a fuss made over him for Father’s Day… And I had already been making plans… But right now I am feeling too bitter to think about that one…

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The One With the Deep Sleeper

Since I work the swing shift at the deli, a lot of the time it is after midnight before I am home from work. Then I have to change, grab something to eat (I usually get my lunch break at around 5:00, and am pretty hungry by the time I get home), and settle down with an episode of whatever show I happen to be watching (currently it is the classic Doctor Who), it’ll be after 2:00 in the morning, before I am climbing into bed… So, when the kids are getting up and ready for school, it’s the middle of my “night”… And I am in a deep sleep.

They always wake me up for a hug and a goodbye, before they leave for school… And every morning, I get so startled when they wake me up, that I jump pretty good… Which apparently startles them.😉

So anyway, Joe had today off of work, so he was there to see it happen. Apparently, he was laying there, playing on his tablet (he us used to waking up at 2:30 in the morning, so he was wide awake) when Amanda came in. I guess she said my name like 10 times before I woke up with a start… and a jump that startled Joe. *lol*

Fast forward to after school. Joe was telling the story, but what amused him was that when Amanda was trying to wake me up, she kept talking quietly, “Mom… Mom… Mom… Mom…” etc. Alicia happened to come in at that time and was like, “That’s because she jumps! We have to say it quietly, to scare her less!” Joe’s all, “I know! She scared me this morning!” … Apparently, I scare them as well. *rofl*

I was all defending myself, saying “I work late! I’m tired!” … And Alicia says…

“It’s like a game of Russian Roulette. We know that you’re going to jump on one of them, but we never know which one it will be!”

Jared is like, “That’s the best analogy I have ever heard!”

I was trying to tell them how mean they were all being to me, but I was laughing so hard that I was crying. *lol*

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The One Where Work Sucks

I know that I have said this before, but I will say it again.

I hate my job.

The sad thing is, it isn’t the work that I mind. While I am always busy, it’s cooking and cleaning. Nothing too difficult…

But Oh.My.Word. The deli manager. I can barely stand to look at her. She is just so mean! … To put it into perspective, I don’t think there is a single person in the ENTIRE store, who likes her. It’s not just the people who work in the deli, but people who work in EVERY DEPARTMENT… Like the bakery and seafood… NOBODY likes her.

Which does make me feel kinda bad for her. It would be awful to have so many people dislike you and talking bad about you behind your back. I can’t even imagine how miserable that would make someone feel… Though I don’t know if she realizes the extent to how much and how many people dislike her.

Anyway, she tends to harp on me, like ALL THE TIME. I think it’s because I am usually int the back, cooking, so I am easy access for her. Because she harps on me for stuff that I didn’t even do. I will say that I didn’t do it… Or that I wasn’t even there to do something, because I had the day before off, but it doesn’t matter. She will continue to rant away.

It wears on a person. It beats you down.

Lately, it’s been worse. Cooperate has this new list of things that each department has to have done before they are allowed to leave for the night. We have to call a PIC (person in charge… management) when we are done, and they will check everything. If something is not done to their satisfaction, then we can’t leave until it is. Now we have to make sure there are sandwiches full in the grab-n-go, and all the salads are refilled and replenished. It’s quite a bit of extra work, but she won’t give us an extra person at night, to help get it finished.

THEN, she will schedule me 40 hours and tell me not to get overtime… But then we can’t leave until everything is done, so every week I get overtime… And every weekend, I get yelled at for getting overtime. It’s extremely stressful. … In fact, she had me so stressed out on Sunday, that I was in tears half the night. *sigh*

When I said that I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, when the PIC won’t let us leave until everything is done, she told me that I was supposed to let Connie finish up what I can’t, because she won’t hit 40 hours… Now Connie is about 70 years old, and can’t and really shouldn’t be doing that much work.

On a side note… I have been having troubles with Connie. I don’t know if she is older, or if it’s the meds she is on, but she tends to be grumpy. She always has to have someone that she is mad at and can complain about… And she wants everyone to agree with her, and join in on her complaining. She was really mean to me when I first started, but mellowed out once she got to know me… But for the longest time, she was picking on a girl named Brooke. Brooke is 18, and is a quiet, shy girl. Sweet as can be. I adore Brooke… Connie’s ragging on her was getting bad, to the point where I would say that Connie was being a bully, and Brooke was ending up in tears about every night. I finally got fed up with it and said something. She stopped bullying Brooke, but was back to not liking me. Fun stuff. *sigh*

Anyway, on Sunday night, I told Connie what Kathleen had told me. That I was NOT allowed to get overtime and that Connie had to pick up the slack because she was the only one who wouldn’t get overtime (she can’t work until 5:30, so there is no way to schedule her 40 hours). I even told Connie that I didn’t think that it was fair to Connie.

Well, when I got to work this afternoon, Kathleen ran over and demanded that I tell her what I said to Connie. Apparently, Connie turned in her 2 weeks notice and told Kathleen that I said that Kathleen said that Connie doesn’t work as hard as everyone else, and that’s why she doesn’t get 40 hours. WHAT?! … Kathleen DID NOT say that, and I DID NOT say that Kathleen said that!

So… I am getting blamed for Connie putting her notice in.

Then, since Connie was doing chips, she wasn’t helping up front, which meant that I had to… Which meant that I couldn’t be back washing the day time dishes… Both Connie and January were closing the front, and could easily be done by 11:00, but it wasn’t looking good for me, who always has to do the entire back by myself. So I was really stressed out, not wanting to go past 11:00, knowing I would get yelled at if I did… Plus being stressed out over the whole Connie thing (not to mention being pissed off that she LIED).

So… I spent half my shift crying again. *sigh*

I wish I didn’t have to go back.

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The One Where Amanda Works

Today was National Bring Your Child to Work day, and Amanda got to come with me… I honestly don’t know if she was even allowed to come into the deli, but the deli manager had the day off… I asked the assistant a few days before, and Steph said that I could bring her, so I did.:)

She was so excited… Especially since she got to miss school, even if my shift didn’t start until 2:30. *lol* If we signed a permission slip for the school, the kids got to be excused for all the work for the day.

Anyway, she looked so cute, all wrapped up in a Safeway apron that is too big on her, with her hair up in a hairnet and hat. Sooooo adorable! … And the customers loved it. They kept asking about my little helper, and smiling at her. It was fun!

At first she was a little bored, watching me do the cooking. And you should have seen her face, over all the raw chicken. *lol* She was green and going on about how she was never going to eat chicken again!😉

But later, I set her up with some cleaning projects. She cleaned the drains, and the sides of the sinks, and scrubbed some black spots off the floors. It was cute watching her, and my coworkers kept telling her what a good job she was doing.:)

She had fun going to lunch with me. I always pack my own lunch, so she did as well. She got to sit in the breakroom with me as we ate. It was fun.:)

We had Josh pick her up at around 8:00. I was scheduled off at 11:00, but she has school tomorrow and I was running out of extra projects for her to do. But before she left, I told her that she had worked so hard, that she had earned $20. She was SOOOO excited! She totally wasn’t expecting that! … But she said that she didn’t want the cash. She wanted the Sims 3 addon, “Seasons”. So when I got home from work, I ordered it off Amazon… And score! It only cost $16.79, so I saved a few bucks! *lol*

I really enjoyed spending that extra time with her, and having her with me. Wish we could do it more often.:)

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The One With Orientation

Tonight was Josh’s first night of work… He wasn’t actually at the Molalla McDonald’s, as he had to go to orientation, which is in Wilsonville, I think. He was only there for like 2 hours. He filled out paperwork and watched some videos. They gave him a couple of work shirts, and a hat, and name tag.

Tomorrow he starts his actual training at our McDonald’s. He is schedules from 3:00 to 6:00… Tomorrow Jared works from 5:00 to 10:00, so they will get to work together for an hour. I am interested to see how that turns out.:)

On Saturday we gave Josh some cash, and he drove into Oregon City to go to Payless Shoes, and he bought himself some work shoes. I ordered him a couple of pairs on work pants from Old Navy, which should be here in a day or two. In the mean time, he can wear his black pants he has for bowling tournaments.

I am annoyed with one thing. Apparently, they don’t give out actual paychecks. It’s all direct deposit. Since we were going to have him open a debit account with his first check, he doesn’t have an account yet. So they signed him up for a paycheck debit card thing… Which is going to make it hard for him to pay us his insurance money, and if he uses an ATM they will charge him. We’re going to have to see about opening him up an account and changing his direct deposit thing… What the heck is wrong with just letting them have a real paycheck… and how the heck am I going to get a picture of him with his first paycheck, when he won’t get one.😦 *sob*

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The One With the Logo

Today, Alicia’s art teacher, Mr. Bledsoe, chose Alicia to design a possible new logo for the middle school… Which doesn’t surprise me, since we all know that she is his star student.:)

Apparently, Mr. Bledsoe told Alicia that he didn’t know what he was going to do when she went off to high school next year. He says that none of his other students have as much talent and creativity as she does… Make’s a mama’s heart proud.:)

There is also another project he wants her to work on, that would probably turn into a summer project. There is a sign next to his classroom that says something like “The Studio” or something. I guess he would like her to paint a new sign to replace that one. I think she said that he wanted it in the style of an old Italian painting… But don’t quote me on that one.😉

I am so proud of my Princess!

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The One With the New Job

Well, we have another employed teenager in the house. Today, Josh had an interview at McDonald’s and got the job.:) He starts orientation next Wednesday, and then starts training on Thursday. So proud of him!

McDonald’s wasn’t really his first choice, but Molalla is a small town and there are not many choices for kids under 18. He was hoping for Papa Murphy’s, or to be a courtesy clerk at Safeway, but he can always change jobs later. At least he found something, so he can earn some gas money for that truck, not to mention help pay for his insurance. *lol*

He told me that he was more than ready for a job. He really wanted one. He said that he felt ready for the responsibility… And I know what a hard worker he can be, and I know that he is going to do well.:)

Congrats, son! So proud of you!

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The One with Prom

Tonight was Prom night… It honestly doesn’t seem that long since Jared went to his Junior Prom, and now his Senior Prom is over… And while I don’t think Lane went this year (lack of funds), I am pretty sure that Jared enjoyed this prom much more than last year… Mainly because of the girl.:)

Last year, he was still “dating” Brittney… But in all honesty, I think the only reason they were still together, at that point, was because they both wanted to go to the prom… They broke up within days of the prom being over, if that says anything.

But this year, he has Jennifer. He and Jennifer are really close, and she has been so good for him. We really like her. She is so sweet, and isn’t as into herself as Brittney was. It’s refreshing.:) They are so cute together!

Anyway, Jennifer went with Jared, when he rented his tux. She helped him pick out the colors, etc. I thought that was really sweet.:) I like how they love to spend so much time together… That’s how I can tell that Jared has not only grown up (relationship wise), but that he is also more attatched to Jennifer. Before, he could go weeks without seeing his other girlfriends, and it never seemed to bother him. I don’t think he could go that long without spending time with his Jenny.

This year they got to go to the prom in a limo. A group of kids from the high school got together and rented one. So that was a fun experience for them!❤ … And this year the prom was at the World Trade Center, in Portland… And you’ll have to ask Jared how it went. All I’ve gotten out of his was that it was good and that they had fun. Boys! *lol*

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The One With Treasure Island

Today was the day of Amanda’s play. She’s been working so hard on it, and she was so excited about doing it!❤ … She’s actually lucky that she was able to. She’s been pretty sick for the last week and a half. She missed quite a bit of school and rehearsals. We were worried that she would be too sick to do her part, but she pulled through and gave a stellar performance!

There were two casts. Cast A and Cast B. Amanda was part of Cast A. They put on two different performances during the day, while Cast B did one performance in the evening. They all had to be there for all the shows though, because when their cast wasn’t acting, then they would be singing on the choir.

As for Amanda, she was told to just lip sinc to the group songs. That way she could save her voice for her solo. When she sang too much, she would start coughing, and they didn’t want her to have a coughing fit during her solo… But not to worry, she sang beautifully, with no coughing at all! So proud!

Anyway, we went to the 10:00 performance. Amanda told us to get there early, so we left the house at 9:00… We ended up being REALLY early. *oops* … They were still rehearsing… But we did end up getting front row seats, which was awesome! Grammy came as well, and Amanda called and invited Grandma and Grandpa, who also came… Honestly, I was surprised that Jim came. I thought that he would rather stay home… But not only did he come, but he really enjoyed the whole performance.

Amanda did so well, but we could tell that she was pretty nervous… As part of her costume, she was wearing some rope as a belt. She kept fiddling with the belt. *lol* It was kinda cute.:)

It was pretty awesome seeing her in the lead role, even if it was a boys part.:) I am so proud of her! And she remembered all her lines as well! Awesome! (She really worked hard on them!)

There was one funny part… Her and two of the other characters had to climb aboard a ship. So basically, they had to climb up on the stage. Well, Amanda is tiny and not very strong. So while the other two girls easily climbed up onto the stage, Amanda had to make a running start and barely managed to get onto the stage. Everyone laughed. It was so cute and funny! *lol*

Amanda tells me that Mrs. Boyer isn’t going to be the choir teacher next year, and that because of that, there won’t be another play for her 7th grade year… I am pretty bummed about that! This one was so much fun!

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