The One with Doctor Who

Alicia has been trying to get me to watch Doctor Who for a months now, and I finally have. I started with the new series, and while it took me a few episodes to really get into it, I have finally became a Whovian.

Alicia keeps asking me which is my favorite doctor, and I can’t honestly say. Hers is David Tennant, of course. I really liked him, but I also liked Math Smith and Chris Eccleston. The newest one has grown on me as well, especially since the Christmas episode, “The Husbands of River Song”, which is now my favorite episode.

Now that I have watched all of the new series, I want to watch as many of the old classic series as I can… I can’t see all of them, because quite a few are just plain missing (ones from the 60s), and some are not available on either iTunes or DVD. Bummer! … Anyway, I started with the very first episode on Monday. I am eager to see what all the doctors are like, and how the TARDIS evolves over the years… And to get the stories on things like the Daleks and Cybermen.


William Hartnell, the 1st Doctor, (with Barbara, Ian, and Susan [the doctor’s grandaughter])

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The One Where He’s Accepted!

Well, he got it! Today, Jared received his acceptance letter from the University of Oregon! This is the college that Jared really wants to go to, and now he can!

I can’t tell you how proud of him I am! … Joe and I never really amounted to much. We’re just us. Parents to four amazing kids, but with just basic jobs that are enough to get the job done, but not much more… To be honest, the only thing we have to be proud of is the fact that our kids are so dang amazing, and that our marriage will last (where it seems that most fail, these days… Sad to say).

I think that Jared was a little disappointed that his acceptance letter didn’t come with any type of scholarship news… A few weeks ago, his cousin, Shandon, posted about his acceptance letter… Actually, his mom, Lisa, posted about it. And in the letter, he also received something like a $40k scholarship. I think we were all hoping that Jared would receive something like that as well.

I worry about how it’s going to get paid for… Joe and I certainly don’t make enough money to pay for U of O… And while he has around $5000 in bowling scholarships, that is not going to go far… From what I understand, student loans have outrageous interest rates, and I would hate to see him in debt for life, just because he wants a good education… I seriously think that there is something wrong with our education system, when your education costs so dang much. *sigh*

So, I am praying. Praying that some scholarships will come Jared’s way… And wishing that some of the west coast schools did bowling scholarships, like the schools back east do. He wants to stay in Oregon (and trust me, I am all for that!)… But it sure would be nice to get a bowling scholarship! *lol*

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The One with the Quilt

Tonight, Amanda came home with the quilt she made during the quilting classes with her girls club. She finished the border up last week, and they got it quilted and binded together for her this week.

I can’t tell you how proud of it she is. She is so happy with it… But I feel bad about one thing…

A month or so ago, Josh was teasing Amanda about how she needed to give the quilt to me. While I would love, love, love to have it, I thought that since she worked so hard on it, that she should be able to keep it herself. I told Josh that I didn’t want to take Amanda’s first quilt from her. (I was trying to be nice.)

According to Alicia, this disappointed Amanda. Apparently she had been wanting to give it to me for my birthday, but now she thinks I don’t want it… Which couldn’t be further from the truth! I just didn’t want to be selfish!

The last thing I want to do is crush her little spirit!

When she came home with it, she did say something about how she originally wanted to give it to me, but she was glad to keep it… So I honestly don’t know what to think…

Man, this parenting thing is hard.

And, for the record… The quilt is amazing and beautiful, and I couldn’t be more proud of her!!!!!

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The One with Share the Love

Every year, since 2001, Molalla High School does this fundraising thing, called “Share the Love“, where they work with the community to raise money to help a family in need. Usually the family is dealing with cancer, etc.

In 2012 the money went to the Price Family… Jeffrey Price is Jared’s age, and used to bowl with the high school team, during Jared’s Freshman year (Jeff moved to Oregon City after that school year.) Jeffrey’s Dad died of cancer. :(

This year, once again, we know one of the recipients of the fund. Our dear friend, Karen Hartrampf, has been fighting oviarian cancer for years. Her son, Jared, also used to bowl with Jared on the high school team, though he graduated last year… Anyway, I am so happy that the Hartrampfs are one of the families. We do want to share the love with them, because they are all amazing. A very loving family. Good people, all of them.

Last week, as the events began, Jared was voted in, by his classmates, to be one of the Share the Love Princes, representing the senior class (So proud!). In his words; “That means that I represent the senior class for the Share the Love dance, and I have to participate in the spirit week. I have to do the competitions to try and earn points for my class. Then I think one of us gets voted to be king.”

The “King” was not chosen by votes, but entirely on the point system. This week, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (no school on Thursday and Friday), they had Spirit Week…

On Monday, it was “Miss-match” day, where they had to wear clothes that didn’t match. For the competition, during lunch, Jared and his fellow princes (and maybe the princesses??? I will have to ask Jared. *lol*) had to strap empty boxes to their backs, that had something like 6 ping pong balls in them. Then they had to dance, so that the balls would fall out of the box. Whoever got all the balls out first, won the points for the competition… When the dance was done, apparently Jared still had 3 balls left in his box. So much for those points! *rofl* … Man, how I want to see a video of that! ;)

Tuesday was “Formal Day”, and Jared wore a nice dressy outfit to school. For the competition that day, they had a Twinkie eating contest… Only they weren’t normal Twinkies. They had filled them with things like ketchup, a garlic sauce, and horseradish sauce. And they had to eat them… Jared says that the horseradish one was so bad, that he almost threw up. *gag* … He didn’t win that competition either (he came in 2nd *lol*), but I think he lost more than that… Because I doubt he will ever be able to look at a Twinkie again! *rofl*

I believe that on Wednesday they had to wear a Share the Love shirt. He didn’t have one yet, so he had to borrow one from a friend. For the competition, they had some kind of question and answer thing. I haven’t heard how that turned out.

Tonight was the Share the Love Dance, where the king was crowned. The crowns went to Jeremiah Hill and Sydney Perkin. They earned the most points… I don’t know the other kids, but I am sure that they are a great bunch of kids, and they are supporting a great cause!

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The One at Districts

It’s that time of year again. Time for the Molalla Boys’ High School Bowling Team to do some bowling! … Today was the District Championship Tournament for District 3. This was Jared’s 4th District Tournament and Josh’s 1st. They bowled at Kellogg Bowl (in Milwaukie) for the 2nd time, since 20th Century Bowl is now closed (that’s where Districts were held in 2013 and 2014).

We had to be there by 8:20, and we just made it in time. Jared had left early, because he had to pick up Dreya, so he was already there.

I think they do things weird, for Districts… For the first qualifying round, the team bowls 20 games (there were 8 boy teams this year). After the 20 games, they eliminate all but 6 teams, so (since there were only 8) then two teams left, and the remaining 6 teams bowl an additional 10 games… But they have to start all over for points. So it almost seems pointless to have them bowl the first 20 games. All it does is eliminate 2 teams and make them tired. *lol* … Though they do use those 20 games to see who will be chosen for the Allstar tournament in March.

They earn Allstar points during the first 20 games. Each bowler bowls 2 frames per game, for a total of 40 frames. If they throw a strike they get 3 points. They get 2 points for a spare, and nothing for an open frame, of course. So while I keep track of the game totals for the team, I also keep track of the boys’ individual frames as well. They like to look back and see what they bowled… Sadly, I didn’t attend Districts in 2013, because I had to work, so I don’t have the totals for Jared’s Freshman year. *crushed*

Anyway, here are the stats for the first 20 games:

Game 01 :: 174
—Jared :: Open & Spare = 2
—-Josh :: Strike & Strike = 6
Game 02 :: 197
—Jared :: Strike & Spare = 5
—-Josh :: Strike & Spare = 5
Game 03 :: 168
—Jared :: Strike & Open = 3
—-Josh :: Spare & Spare = 4
Game 04 :: 217
—Jared :: Spare & Strike = 5
—-Josh :: Spare & Strike = 5
Game 05 :: 156
—Jared :: Spare & Strike = 5
—-Josh :: Spare & Spare = 4
Game 06 :: 202
—Jared :: Strike & Spare = 5
—-Josh :: Strike & Strike = 6
Game 07 :: 246
—Jared :: Strike & Spare = 5
—-Josh :: Strike & Strike = 6
Game 08 :: 225
—Jared :: Spare & Strike = 5
—-Josh :: Strike & Strike = 6
Game 09 :: 260
—Jared :: Strike & Strike = 6
—-Josh :: Strike & Strike = 6
Game 10 :: 192
—Jared :: Spare & Strike = 5
—-Josh :: Strike & Open = 3
Game 11 :: 257
—Jared :: Strike & Spare = 5
—-Josh :: Spare & Strike = 5
Game 12 :: 202
—Jared :: Strike & Open = 3
—-Josh :: Strike & Spare = 5
Game 13 :: 188
—Jared :: Strike & Strike = 6
—-Josh :: Spare & Open = 2
Game 14 :: 190
—Jared :: Strike & Spare = 5
—-Josh :: Spare & Spare = 4
Game 15 :: 182
—Jared :: Open & Strike = 3
—-Josh :: Open & Strike = 3
Game 16 :: 245
—Jared :: Strike & Strike = 6
—-Josh :: Strike & Strike = 6
Game 17 :: 191
—Jared :: Open & Spare = 2
—-Josh :: Strike & Strike = 6
Game 18 :: 160
—Jared :: Spare & Strike = 5
—-Josh :: Open & Strike = 3
Game 19 :: 160
—Jared :: Strike & Open = 3
—-Josh :: Open & Strike = 3
Game 20 :: 227
—Jared :: Strike & Strike = 6
—-Josh :: Strike & Strike = 6

Jared :: Strikes = 22, Spares = 12, Opens = 6 (90 Allstar points)
Josh :: Strikes = 24, Spares = 11, Opens = 5 (94 Allstar points)

At the end of the first round, Molalla was in the lead, but back to zero they went. They gave the kids a lunch break while they figured out lane assignments, and then they were off to bowl the next 10 games in the final qualifying round… While they were no longer keeping points for Allstars, I still kept track of the boys’ frames…

Game 21 :: 178
—Jared :: Spare & Open
—-Josh :: Strike & Spare
Game 22 :: 211
—Jared :: Strike & Strike
—-Josh :: Spare & Strike
Game 23 :: 214
—Jared :: Strike & Strike
—-Josh :: Open & Strike
Game 24 :: 237
—Jared :: Strike & Strike
—-Josh :: Open & Strike
Game 25 :: 189
—Jared :: Spare & Strike
—-Josh :: Open & Strike
Game 26 :: 192
—Jared :: Open & Spare
—-Josh :: Spare & Strike
Game 27 :: 200
—Jared :: Strike & Strike
—-Josh :: Spare & Strike
Game 28 :: 180
—Jared :: Strike & Open
—-Josh :: Strike & Spare
Game 29 :: 169
—Jared :: Spare & Strike
—-Josh :: Spare & Open
Game 30 :: 172
—Jared :: Strike & Spare
—-Josh :: Open & Spare

Jared :: Strikes = 12, Spares = 5, Opens = 3
Josh :: Strikes = 8, Spares = 7, Opens = 5

The team struggled a little in the last round, and their scores slipped. They ended up losing their first place position to Centennial… Which is funny, because they were neck in neck with Centennial last year as well… At the end of the round, Centennial was in 1st place, Molalla was in 2nd place, and Oregon City was in 3rd.

Then came the elimination matches. For the first match, Molalla bowled against Oregon City. The winner would go on to bowl against Centennial for the championship, and the other would place 3rd… Though all three teams will be going to State. :)

Molalla didn’t bowl as well as they normally do in the first match (2 games per match), but they did manage to beat Oregon City by a whopping 9 pins. *lol* … So Oregon City was in 3rd place:

Molalla vs Oregon City:
Game 1

150/160 :: <Molalla down by 10 pins>
–Jared :: Open & Spare
—Josh :: Open & Spare
Game 2
198/179 :: <Molalla up by 19 pins>
–Jared :: Strike & Spare
—Josh :: Spare & Spare
Won by 9 pins

They then bowled on final match with Centennial, for the championships. It was pretty intense! On the first game, neither of the teams bowled very well, and Molalla was down by 5 pins at the end of the game. That meant that they had to win the 2nd game by at least 6 pins… And after seeing the first 4 frames, it was looking grim. Jared and Josh had both left an open frame and the other two frames were spares. By frame 4, they already had a 20+ pin lead…

But then Molalla kicked it into gear! They ended up striking out for the last 6 frames, for a total of 8 strikes in a row! They took Centennial 233 to 192, which is a 41 in lead, and they ended up winning by 36 pins! It was awesome!

Molalla vs Centennial:
Game 1
160/165 :: <Molalla down by 5 pins>
–Jared :: Spare & Strike
–Josh :: Spare & Strike
Game 2
233/192 :: <Molalla up by 41 pins>
–Jared :: Open & Strike
—Josh :: Open & Strike <+41>
Won by 36 pins!

The Molalla Boys had just won the District Title for the 4th year running! Which means that the team won for all four years that Jared has bowled for the high school, and he got to go to State all four years of his high school career as well! So happy and proud of him!

Then it was time for the awards! … And for them to name the Allstars! … Out of the 6 boys from our district that will be going to Allstars, 3 of them are from Molalla! … And guess what?! MY BOYS ARE TWO OF THEM! Josh came in 2nd place and Jared came in 4th! (Jared’s best friend, Lane, came in 3rd!) I am so excited that both the boys are going to Allstars! And so happy for Jared, that he got to go to Allstars for all four of his high school years! So proud! … Also very proud of Josh! He didn’t bowl for a couple years, after his surgery. This is his first year bowling for the high school team, and he was the 2nd best bowler at Districts! Amazing! Awesome!

After the awards were given out, we all went to Red Robin in Clackamas, to celebrate the big win. Then we took our tired boys home. Those big tournaments do wear them out. :)

Oh… Jared’s girlfriend, Jennifer, made an appearance, about halfway through the 2nd qualifying set. She came with Lane’s girlfriend, Maya. (Maya and Jennifer work at McDonald’s with Jared.) So the girls came to Red Robin with us… The teens got to sit at another table, a couple tables away from us, so who knows what kind of shenanigans they got up to. *lol*

It was a good day. :)

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The One With the DC Meeting

Quote of the Day:

Amanda: “Oh my gosh! I can verbally smell those hamburgers!”

No, Amanda. You really can’t! *rofl*

Tonight, we had another meeting at the middle school for the Washington D.C. Trip… Alicia leaves in 57 more days!!!!

Today’s meeting was mainly for us to fill out the paperwork for the medical release  and insurance information. The kids also chose their roommates. There are going to be 3-4 kids per room. Alicia will be rooming with a girl from our neighborhood, Marina, and another girl named Jessica. There might be a chance that one more girl will be assigned to them, but who knows. Alicia is hoping that it will be just the three of them.

They will be roommates for the entire week, and will also be in the same group while out and about, assigned to the same  chaperone. We don’t know who she will have for a chaperone yet.

I am trying to figure out the camera situation. She says that she will just sue the camera on her phone, but I am wondering if she should use a regular camera… Something with a zoom lens… I know I would want to use a real camera… But at her age, she may just find it annoying. I will have to talk to her about it. I know I am thinking of sending the video camera with her, but not telling Joe. He is convinced she would lose it… But this is a once in a lifetime trip, and she needs good picture and videos!

I sure wish I could go with her! Sounds like so much fun!

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The One With the Prince

Every year, Molalla High puts on a “Share The Love” event. They have activities and fundraising events that last 2-3 weeks, or something like that. What they do is get the community involved in raising money to go to a family… A family, who has someone who is suffering from cancer, is chosen by a committee.

Anyway, today Jared was voted (by his classmates) to be one of the “Share the Love” princes. How awesome is that?!

Jared says that he will represent the senior class at the Share the Love dance. He has to participate in the spirit week, and he has to do the competitions to try and earn points for my class.

Apparently there is one prince each for 9th through 11th grades, but something like 4 chosen for the senior class (same with the princesses for the girls). Then one guy will be chosen King and one girl will be Queen. I think they are chosen on a point system.

I think that Jared will have a hard time participating in everything, since he works 2 jobs… So he may not be able to get enough points to be crowned king… But it’s totally awesome that he was voted in as one of the princes, and I am so proud of him!

What an awesome year he is having! <3

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The One With the Room

Since it’s been ever so long… And her room was getting ever so disgusting… I decided that, since I had a day off work on the same day that there was no school, it was high time that I did a “Mommy Job” in Amanda’s bedroom.

Yesterday, while I was at work, Joe and the girls took everything, except her bed, out of her room and put it in the living room… That would make sure that I would HAVE to do her room and not find an excuse not to do it. *lol*

Once I got up, got laundry going, and ate some breakfast, I was good to go…

First I vacuumed and shampooed the carpet. Then Alicia helped me move all the furniture back into the room. Once I got everything where I wanted it, and had cleaned all the shelves, etc, I had Amanda bring her stuff into the room, one tub at a time.

It took HOURS. I went through everything. I got it 100% organized and in place. I got all the doll stuff packed away, and had two kitchen garbage sacks full of garbage. Good grief!

I am so glad that I took the time to do it. I found some missing clothes, and her room looks and smells so much better.

Before I went back to work, I would never have let it get this bad… But I never seem to have the time or energy to get these kinds of big projects done… Especially since I started at Safeway. 

Now I can’t wait for the next time I have a day off on the same day as the kids… I want to tackle Josh’s room next. :)

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The One With the High School Swiss

Today was the last regular high school bowling tournament, as next Sunday is the District Tournament… Today’s was at Mt. Hood Lanes.

From what I hear, the Molalla Boys took the day by storm. They came on strong from the start… In fact, they were so far ahead in points that for the few final matches, Shawn pulled the 3 seniors out and let the undergrads all bowl.

It’s weird to think that Jared’s high school bowling is coming to an end soon… Of course, we still have two more years with Josh… But Jared will be starting the next chapter of his life this fall.

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The One With the Lockdown

I was surfing my Facebook newsfeed earlier today, when I noticed a post from the Molalla Pioneer, saying that this morning, the middle school had been in lockdown for around 30 minutes.

My heart about stopped.

My girls go to the middle school…

Luckily, it turned out to be nothing. Apparently some students had seen a gun in another student’s backpack and reported it. Turned out that it was an air-soft gun.

I really hope that kid gets suspended! This is not the day and age where you should be bringing that kind of “toy” to school.

Not long after I saw the post, I got a text from Alicia, telling me that they had been in lockdown, though at the time, she didn’t know why. I filled her in.

Then later, while I was on lunch at work, I had the following text conversation with Amanda:

Amanda: “I love you and I’m safe!”

Mom: “I love you, too! Was the lockdown scary?”

Amanda: “Yeah. We though at first that it was a drunk guy with a gun, but don’t worry, I got out my ruler.”

Mom: “You got out your ruler?”

Amanda: “Yeah, ’cause if the person got in, I would hit him with it.”

Mom: “Oh, okay, Sweetie! Got to think defensively, right?!”

Hahahahahaha! I know that a lockdown is not a laughing matter, but that is just so darn cute! :)

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